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To foster the spanning of bilateral global trade and investment
through entrepreneurship, the exchange of ideas and
values in partnership with International Associations,
Governments, Foreign Offices, Universities and
the International Business Community


The “United States Foreign Trade Institute” is a dynamic worldwide autonomous organization dedicated to fostering global trade and investment by providing information, promoting education and understanding of major economic, social and cultural issues between countries. It was founded in 1995, becoming the first worldwide organization promoting true bilateral commerce and investment.

Strategically located in the city of Miami (USA), the financial and commercial crossroads between the Americas, the “U.S.F.T.I.” offers the international trade community a forum for the free exchange of information and ideas, as well as the opportunity to directly participate in foreign trade and investment missions, world trade fairs and international conferences in commerce, economics and world development issues.

Our organization promotes bi-lateral commerce and investment with the logistic support of our worldwide offices. Each Regional Director, in conjunction with the local Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Government Officials, assists their members and colleagues in channeling their business and trade of goods and services to the international community.

The “United States Foreign Trade Institute” also provides its members and colleagues around the globe with the opportunity to participate in unique educational programs exclusively designed for the institute to help executives meet the challenges of the new millennium.

The institute is committed to creating a world without borders. It brings to the international trade community significant expertise, experience and knowledge in the area of global trade and investment. This expertise coupled with working directly with the private industry and governmental agencies, has proven to be the best avenue to improve international commerce.


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