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Blue Eagle Global Membership

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Soar to New Heights

Welcome to the prestigious United States Foreign Trade Institute's Blue Eagle Global membership. Unlock exclusive benefits tailored to your business needs and join a community of visionary entrepreneurs driving global success.

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of expanding your horizons and connecting with a network of like-minded professionals. The Blue Eagle Global membership offers you a unique opportunity to become a member of the renowned United States Foreign Trade Institute at a nominal fee, compared to the traditional cost of the worldwide "Golden Eagle" membership status.

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Expand Your Reach

Be featured in our International database, where your membership can be verified by any individual or entity worldwide. Showcase your credentials and gain credibility among a global audience seeking trusted partners.

Stay informed and inspired with our Quarterly Newsletter "BLUE EAGLE GLOBAL GAZETTE." Gain valuable insights, industry trends, and success stories shared by fellow members and thought leaders.

Receive an official Institute’s personalized introduction letter to a company of your choice, helping you establish valuable business relations or pursue other valid purposes. Additional letters are available at discounted member rates, allowing you to extend your network even further.

Take advantage of our information-sharing platform, where you can access updates on new business opportunities, emerging technologies, and market trends. Showcase your own business opportunities and cutting-edge technologies to our network and international community for evaluation and potential collaboration.

Extend Your Frontiers

With our Blue Eagle Global membership, you can request our services for opening a new subsidiary or company in the USA, enabling you to extend your company's frontiers and tap into the vast American market. Our experienced team will guide you through the process and provide valuable insights to ensure a smooth expansion.

As a member, you'll enjoy exclusive invitations to participate in different foreign trade and investment events worldwide at special member rates. These events offer unparalleled networking opportunities, access to industry experts, and potential business collaborations on a global scale.

Furthermore, our Blue Eagle Global membership grants you access to personalized services in the areas of trade, logistics, finance, and investment. Benefit from our extensive network and expertise as we assist you in navigating complex international markets, optimizing your supply chain, and maximizing your financial growth potential.

Your Credentials

As a member of the United States Foreign Trade Institute's Blue Eagle Division, you will receive distinguished credentials that accredit your membership:

Official Blue Eagle Diploma:

  • A testament to your commitment to excellence and dedication to global business growth.

Blue Eagle International Trade and Investment Passport (18 pages)

  • Your gateway to international opportunities, showcasing your expertise and global mindset

Blue Eagle Lapel Pin / Insignia:

  • A symbol of your membership, proudly worn to demonstrate your affiliation with the prestigious United States Foreign Trade Institute.

Membership Letter:

  • An official document acknowledging your Blue Eagle Global membership and its associated benefits.

Personalized Member Business Card:

  • Professional representation of your membership status, including your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Best Value

USFTI Blue Eagle



Every year

Unlock global opportunities with Blue Eagle Membership

Valid until canceled

Access to exclusive industry reports and research.

Quarterly newsletters with updates on international trade an

Invitations to webinars and virtual conferences featuring in

Priority registration for USFTI events and workshops.

Networking opportunities with a global community of business

Discounts on additional services such as legal and financial

Personalized support from USFTI advisors.

Access to a members-only online resource library.

Opportunity to showcase your business in USFTI's promotions

Recognition as a valued member of the prestigious USFTI

Official Blue Eagle Diploma

Blue Eagle International Trade and Investment Passport

Blue Eagle Lapel Pin / Insignia

Membership Letter

Personalized Member Business Card

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