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Expand Your Business with Nearshoring: The Key to Success in the US Market

Expand Your Business and accelerate growth with USFTI's Strategic Guidance and Execution Support

What is Nearshoring?

Nearshoring is the practice of transferring business operations or services to a nearby country, typically for the purpose of reducing costs and improving efficiency. With the recent surge of interest in nearshoring among companies seeking to expand their global footprint, the U.S. Foreign Trade and Investment (USFTI) has launched the Nearshoring Expansion Program to help businesses successfully navigate the process.

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We offer strategic guidance, planning, and execution support to businesses seeking to grow in new markets or expand their operations, with a focus on the key challenges companies face when entering the US market.

Why Enroll in Our Program?

The ultimate solution for businesses wanting to maximize nearshoring opportunities and grow in new markets.