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Expand Your Business with Nearshoring: The Key to Success in the US Market

Expand Your Business and accelerate growth with USFTI's Strategic Guidance and Execution Support

What is Nearshoring?

Nearshoring is the practice of transferring business operations or services to a nearby country, typically for the purpose of reducing costs and improving efficiency. With the recent surge of interest in nearshoring among companies seeking to expand their global footprint, the U.S. Foreign Trade and Investment (USFTI) has launched the Nearshoring Expansion Program to help businesses successfully navigate the process.

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We offer strategic guidance, planning, and execution support to businesses seeking to grow in new markets or expand their operations, with a focus on the key challenges companies face when entering the US market.

Why Enroll in Our Program?

The ultimate solution for businesses wanting to maximize nearshoring opportunities and grow in new markets.

Expand Your Business with Confidence

The USFTI program is designed to address and solve key challenges that companies face when extending their reach globally. Our comprehensive solutions ensure a seamless and successful entry into the US market.

On Demand Problem Solving

Rapid, tailored solutions to address complex business challenges, leveraging our extensive network and expertise.

Regional Development Center

A hub for fostering regional growth, promoting cross-border collaboration, and providing local insights to drive business success.

Strategic Planning & Execution Support

The Nearshoring Expansion Program offers strategic guidance and execution support to businesses seeking to grow in new markets, providing them with tailored solutions to complex business challenges.

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of the curve and achieve sustainable growth in today's dynamic business environment. Gain a competitive edge in navigating evolving regulations, financial market fluctuations, and geopolitical changes.

Access to Local Insights & Business Intelligence

Gain valuable insights on cultural, regulatory, & competitive landscapes of local markets with our Nearshoring Expansion Program. Informed decisions, targeted strategies.

Risk Mitigation & Compliance

Mitigate potential risks associated with international expansion. Our expert advisors provide guidance on legal and regulatory compliance, as well as risk management strategies, to help businesses avoid costly penalties or delays and ensure a smooth entry into the new market.

Overcoming Key Challenges in the US Market with USFTI

The Nearshoring Expansion Program is a part of USFTI's Business Expansion Division (B.EX) that provides strategic guidance and execution support to businesses seeking to expand their operations in United States and take advantage of the nearshoring trend. With over $656 billion in cross-border commerce between the U.S. and Mexico in the past 10 months and $15 billion in direct new investment expected by 2023, the program aims to promote regional growth, foster cross-border collaboration, and provide localized insights to drive business success. The USFTI solves key challenges that businesses face when entering the US market, including supply chain, talent acquisition, regulatory compliance, access to funding, and more.

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Supply Chain Management

Our experts provide strategic guidance to help businesses optimize their supply chain, minimize disruptions, and ensure efficient logistics and delivery.



Our team offers in-depth guidance on navigating the complex US legal and regulatory environment, ensuring compliance and reducing risks associated with potential penalties or delays.

Access to


We facilitate connections to funding sources and provide guidance on securing financial support for business expansion in the US market.


Cultural Barriers

Our cross-cultural experts support businesses in understanding and adapting to the unique US business culture, fostering successful relationships and collaborations.



We assist in identifying and recruiting top talent, ensuring that your business has the skilled workforce needed to succeed in the competitive US market.

Inflation & Cost Management

We help businesses strategize and implement cost-control measures to mitigate the impact of inflation on their operations and maintain profitability.



We offer comprehensive immigration guidance and assistance, simplifying the process of obtaining necessary visas and permits for your workforce.



Our remote supervision solutions enable effective management of distributed teams, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration across borders.

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