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By Invitation only


As an exclusive member, you can expect superior benefits, including:

1- Official USFTI Golden Eagle Elite Member Diploma.

2- Official USFTI International Trade Passport.

3. Official USFTI Golden Eagle Insignia.

4- Official USFTI Photo I.D. Card.

5- Eligibility to serve on our International Advisory Board.

6- Eligibility to serve on our International Trade Committees.

7- Eligibility to serve on our International Trade Events and Conferences.

8- Official letter from the USFTI President, presenting you or your company to the international trade community.

9- Official Invitations to the Annual Meeting and Private Events, such as the annual “President Reception”, “The Abraham Lincoln Award” and the “USFTI Gold Medal Award” honoring the individuals or entities that make a difference in the international trade and investment arena.

10- Official Invitations to a private members’ reception within the international commerce industry CEO’s and top international executives.

11- Official invitation to our General Meetings and Workshops.

12- Access to priority registration in all the USFTI worldwide events and conferences participation.

13- Access to Counseling in International Commerce and Financial issues.

14- Referrals to USFTI Consultants and private resources.

15- Access to financial assistance within our network of financial institutions and private investors including Venture Capital Financing, Corporate Loans and Joint Ventures.

16- Access to Career Guidance in International Trade and New Technologies.

17- Consultation: Receive customized advice about how to introduce your company in the International arena, based on the most appropriate way according to your company budget.

18- Become part of the biggest network of international commerce and investment professionals in the resources sector, and have the opportunity to regularly interact with colleagues in your field.

19- Access to worldwide company's research investigation at member rate discount including Financial Credit Reports Executive and Corporate Protection, Patent/Trademarks Infringement Insurance Claims, other General Investigations and Security and Personal Protection Seminar.

20- Access to professional, accredited training through the USFTI ELITE Education and Training Division.

21- Access to professional legal services from USFTI’s qualified and experienced worldwide legal advisors including Foreign Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, U.S. and International Commerce Law, Immigration and Naturalization, Patents and Trademarks, Arbitration, Commercial Litigation and International Lobbying.

22- Access to obtain information on new technologies and investment opportunities around the world.


23- Access to Multi language Professional Translation services at discount member rates.

24- Inclusion in our Liaison Database System to identify Trade Leads, facilitate Joint Ventures, match products or services with buying/selling requests worldwide.

25- Access to worldwide Marketing Studies, International Pre-Marketing Evaluations, International Feasibility Studies, International Marketing Studies at discount member rates.

26- Support the USFTI legislative agenda in issues that may affect international commerce and investment.

27- Access at a special member rate to our International Subsidiary Program designed to assist international companies and local entrepreneurs to open subsidiaries in order to operate in the United States of America.



First year membership fee: $25,000

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