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The “United States Foreign Trade Institute” consists of the following divisions:


This new division was created to foster international relations around the world and give the opportunity to all individuals involved in different types of commerce, development or investment to be a member of our institution in the “Blue Eagle Global Member” category.


The “Blue Eagle Global” membership opens new horizons to any entrepreneur to become a member of the prestigious "United States Foreign Trade Institute" at a nominal fee compared to the traditional cost of the worldwide "Golden Eagle" membership status. 


The “Blue Eagle Global” membership opens new horizons to any entrepreneur to be a member of our institution at a nominal fee without the high cost of the traditional worldwide membership status. The Golden Eagle membership for $25,000 is designed for large corporations and institutions. Seeing a need for business entrepreneurs at other levels to participate in selected benefits the Institute provides, we are now pleased to present to the individual entrepreneur the “Blue Eagle Global” membership for a nominal fee of $1,000 annually. 

In addition, members will receive an Official Diploma as a Blue Eagle Member, the Official U.S.F.T.I. International Trade and Investment Passport, the Official Golden Eagle pin, and an Official letter of nomination from our “Blue Eagle Division".



This division is in charge of exploring the possibilities of starting operations in new countries or regions around the world by suggesting individuals or organizations to be our official representatives in their country or region.

Organizes the program to participate in international trade fairs, trade missions and conventions around the world to offer our members and colleagues an excellent vehicle to promote their products and services in the international market.

In addition, this division is in charge of implementing the certification of products for companies registered with our institution. With this seal of export quality, these companies will be able to penetrate other markets with a major advantage.

This division secures mutual cooperation agreements with government institutions and private organizations around the world, supervises all the international offices, and keeps abreast of topics of interest regarding global commerce.




This division works in conjunction with diplomatic and governmental officials to develop new avenues to foster free international commerce and to sign mutual cooperation agreements to improve the business possibilities of small and medium enterprises.

Supervises the development of diplomatic and political activities around the world and their influence on international trade.



It is in charge of researching possible avenues for project financing or joint ventures in different parts of the world. It also channels loans and investments for companies in the process of expansion by working with government entities, private banking, and international investment groups.


It is in charge of offering legal assistance in different areas of international and national commerce such as Joint ventures, commercial disputes, and arbitration, patents and trademarks, advice for new corporations, etc.

In addition, this division assists in the formation of new corporations and offers immigration and naturalization services to entrepreneurs who desire to open operations in the United States.



The purpose of this division is to develop a customized program to assist international companies and entrepreneurs to open subsidiaries in order to operate in the United States of America, explore new opportunities, and increase their ability to grow exponentially in the secure and advantageous North American Marketplace.


With our global commercial & trade expertise we are able to assist clients to profitably compete in the new marketplace. We advise almost all industries, on resources, new technologies, production, distributing and promoting their products and services in the USA and around the world.

Our network of world-renowned lawyers can advise in international regulations and commercial law, advise companies on compliance issues with export and import controls, as well as commercial contracts, product labeling, product liability, sales promotion, and marketing rules in the USA and across multiple countries.


Our priority is to make things easier regarding trade requirements in order for companies to center on increasing their businesses. In addition, our Institution can assist in immigration issues, real estate, and investment opportunities related to operating a business in the USA.




This Division is in charge of protecting critical governmental and private information technology infrastructures by providing security consulting and monitoring solutions to increase the ability to identify cyber incidents. In addition, this division is in charge of developing a cyber-savvy workforce, proactively finding holes and gaps in cyber security, securing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyber attack, contributing to the development of sound cyber security policies and initiatives, as well as security strategies at a national level for information sharing and safeguarding.


With a formal agreement with prestigious USA universities, our institution provides basic Cybersecurity and Advanced Artificial Intelligence certified courses with intensive training and simulations in conjunction with our Global Educational Affairs Division.


This division is in charge of providing a road map and strategy to invest capital in income-producing real estate. The investments can be made in an array of commercial sectors in any international market that will produce a solid ROI with projected long-term growth. 


Our real estate experts take a hands-on approach by representing investors in the acquisition and stabilization, as well as, providing full management of the investment options. Our goal is for our investors to build a solid income stream while taking a passive role in the investment.


Our experts will provide guidance on the most effective approach to investing in the real estate markets by combining their expertise in valuation, brokerage, and management with strategic partners, creating a full-service team that empowers investors to invest their capital with confidence.


This division can also assist in locating real estate for personal use for the company’s executives relocating as part of the International Subsidiary Expansion Program when companies set up a subsidiary in the United States or other countries.


Our institution has created a new world-renowned academic program called “Advanced Intelligence” for the new millennium in conjunction with the prestigious and reputable “University of Zaragoza” in the Aragon region, Kingdom of Spain. This academic program has won the prestigious “Triple Helix” award as one of the best courses in Europe. Our institution is open to providing this program to any interested University around the world.


With a formal agreement with prestigious U.S.A. universities, our institution also provides basic Cybersecurity and Advanced Artificial Intelligence certified courses with intensive training and simulations in conjunction with our Global Cybersecurity and Advanced Artificial Intelligence Division.


Additionally, this Division provides training courses to executives at different levels, not only in the United States, but in different countries regarding self-development strategies to be successful in the new millennium. This series of seminars “Elite” create a new training concept that includes mind control techniques. 

This Division in conjunction with the Art & Culture Division is also in charge of signing mutual cooperation agreements with universities and other educational institutions around the world.


This division is in charge of the national and international marketing of new products, working very closely with the manufacturers by providing expertise in brand development and recognition, creating an excellent image, packing, and sales presentations. Additionally, creating joint ventures with other entities in the industry to bring new technology and investment, if necessary.


This division provides all the services related to industrial and commercial security and obtains financial and commercial reports of companies in different parts of the world. In addition, provides personal protection to dignitaries, entrepreneurs, and other personalities. Provides the necessary training to the company’s personnel regarding anti-terrorism practices and the expert usage of armor vehicles.

It also provides the “Supercarrier” program, a governmental program designed to certify airlines, ships and other companies regarding drug detection procedures to avoid complications and fines when entering the United States territory.


It is in charge of the computerized systems and databases to provide information regarding company matchmaking. In addition, it is in charge of our Internet program that provides different benefits using the most advanced technology in this field.


This division provides seasoned and professional lobbying assistance and guidance to local and national governments, private institutions and enterprises that are required to comply with certain laws and regulations to perform a project or program in the US or abroad.

This division is also in charge of offering consulting assistance in the areas of regulations, marketing penetration and securing the exclusive representation of world-recognized brand names in foreign markets.



This division is in charge of exploring and assisting in the development of new clean energy alternatives, also known as “Green Energy” working in conjunction with Governments, regions, local communities, green energy organizations, inventors in the field, and private entities that work in that direction and providing the bridge between investors and new energy technology companies.

This division is also in charge of providing the latest technologies to small and medium companies that need investment and/or expertise in the field.


This division is responsible for studying, developing, and implementing international aid to countries or regions in need of improving their quality of living and helping them participate in global commerce.
This division works with numerous public, private and religious organizations in order to obtain funds for humanitarian projects through grants, donations, and international assistance.


This division, as its name indicates, fosters art and culture with their participation in different international and national events and related activities giving artists the opportunity to promote and expose their work to the international community.
The Art and Culture Division is also in charge of signing agreements of mutual cooperation with universities, museums, and cultural organizations.


This commission as its name indicates, fosters film-making, TV, and arts in general, promoting the industry in their different fields and assisting new producers, directors, and artists to present their work worldwide.

The Hispanic division assists Latin entertainment entrepreneurs to enter and/or expand their activities in the U.S. market and abroad. The main mission is to provide an array of opportunities among Hispanic minorities when it comes to film, television and arts, and create a solid foundation through which Hispanics can channel their creative talent.


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