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Empowering Industries, Expanding Opportunities

USFTI Verticals

Unlock the potential for your business with USFTI Verticals. Our range of specialized divisions offers expert assistance and resources tailored to your industry needs. From banking and finance to real estate and investment, we have you covered. Join us and explore a world of opportunities for your business growth.

The Blue Eagle Global Division

Expand your horizons as an entrepreneur with our prestigious membership, offering exclusive benefits and international networking opportunities.

Foreign Affairs Division

Navigate new markets and establish international trade relations through our representation and certification programs.

Diplomatic & Governmental Affairs

Collaborate with diplomatic and governmental officials to foster free international commerce and improve business opportunities for small and medium enterprises.

Banking and Finance Division

Access project financing, joint venture opportunities, and investment channels with our extensive network of government entities and financial institutions.

International Legal Affairs

Receive expert legal assistance in areas such as joint ventures, commercial disputes, intellectual property, and immigration services for expanding operations.

International Subsidiary Expansion

Seamlessly set up and expand your business in the United States and explore new markets with our customized subsidiary programs and resources.

Global Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence 

Safeguard your critical information infrastructure and develop cyber-savvy capabilities with our comprehensive security solutions and training programs.

Real Estate & Investment Division:

Navigate the global real estate market and capitalize on income-producing properties with our strategic guidance, acquisition representation, and management services.

Global Educational Affairs

Advance your knowledge and skills with our world-renowned academic programs in advanced intelligence, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

New Products and Marketing Division

Accelerate the marketing and branding of your new products through our expertise in brand development, joint ventures, and market entry strategies.

Security, Investigation, & Logistics Division

Ensure the safety and security of your operations with our comprehensive services in industrial security, financial and commercial reporting, personal protection, and more.

Corporate Inteligence & Counter Espionage 

Provied all type of corporate intelligence and industrial counter espinage service leverageing our advanced technology systems and databases for effective company matchmaking and access to valuable information resources. 

Consulting and Lobbying Division

Obtain professional lobbying assistance and consulting guidance for compliance with regulations, market penetration, and exclusive representation in foreign markets.

Clean Energy Division

Explore and develop clean energy alternatives with our expertise in green energy solutions, technology partnerships, and investment opportunities

International Humanitarian Affairs

Make a positive impact by participating in international aid projects, promoting sustainable development, and improving the quality of life in needy regions.

Art and Culture Division

Promote art and culture on an international stage, supporting artists and facilitating collaborations with universities, museums, and cultural organizations.

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