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“T h e   E l i t e”  Program

Self-Development Strategies for Entrepeneurs



 “The Elite” an educational training program has been designed for the success of your business and this program resulted from a thorough investigation of the latest business trends,  to help prepare your executives  &  staff   to  master  the  main  differentiating  factors  that  are crucial  for the success of  your  business.


                    Top Quality Products


                     Latest Technology


                     Unprecedented Customer Service


This specialized training series  integrates self-development and motivation with the most important business topics such as Communication, Marketing & Sales Strategies, Goals & Time Management, Customer Service, Teamwork,  Management  Skills,  Quality  and  Leadership.


The schedule establishes first a solid foundation.   We  will  start  by  developing your  staff’s  skills  and  teach  them  how  to  reach  your  customers  at  the  human level.


This program has been prepared with the growth of your business in mind. We will motivate your staff  to excel for their own well-being,  the benefit of your company and the complete satisfaction of your customers.


Become part of “The Elite” group of business professionals that are getting ready to succeed in business NOW.   


The Achievement of Business and Personal Success Must Start Now!


This seminar establishes a solid foundation by concentrating in self-development. It consists of  three main areas:


         1.    Study of the human potential.

         2.    Raising  awareness  about  business  and personal opportunities.

         3.    Guidelines for an effective action plan.


Motivation  to  excel , mental  strategies  and  stress  management  will  be covered  in  detail.  Participants  will  learn  to  use  the   faculties  of  their  mind  for  optimum  performance,  self-control  and  health.  All  of  these  are  applied  to  both,  the business and their personal lives.



Some of the seminar topics are:


     Study of the programming function of the brain.


     Review of the logical and creative activities of the brain.


     Study, development and correct application of the faculties of the mind.


     Programming the brain to achieve goals and objectives.


     Effective mind and brain performance for sound decision-making.


     Types of stress: Negative, chronic and positive.


     Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs.


     Human motivation and self-motivation.


     How to motivate others. Using motivating forces to increase productivity.


     Profiting from the “little extras” to make a big difference.


     Self-talk; the most important form of communication.


     Mind Acrobatics.


     The joy of leading a productive life.


     Guidelines for your action plan.



This seminar will be customized according to the specific goals of your company.


Suggested audience:   Supervisor, Manager and Director level.


This  interactive  “Elite”  seminar  includes: 


         A  complete  workbook and a pen.


         Official Certificate of Achievement.


         Specially designed mental training exercises for stress management and programming effectiveness.


GROUP SIZE:     For optimal results, group size is limited to 30 persons.


Prepare  NOW  to  meet  the  challenges  of  the  future!   You depend on your staff to render  unprecedented  Customer  Service to your clients. 





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